Structural Masonry

Structural bricks, blocks and components for applications that require strength, flexibility and dependability. Structural units are the foundation, literally and figuratively, for just about every building project in the last century. Choose from many different structural systems and find the right solution for your project here.

Structural CMU

Structural Clay Units

Anchored Veneers

Anchored systems are used to provide the classic aesthetics and durability of masonry in applications where other structural systems are used. Masonry veneers protect structural materials that would otherwise be degraded from exposure to the elements. Anchored veneers are attached to structural walls in many ways such as steel shelves and suspensions.

Anchored CMU Veneers

Anchored Clay Veneers

Anchored Stone Veneers

Adhered Systems

Adhered systems are made up of modular units which are designed to be lightweight. These systems are often used in conjunction with other materials and are held to their host surface with mastic or mortar.

Adhered Concrete Veneer

Adhered Concrete Veneer Systems

Adhered Clay Veneer

Adhered Clay Masonry Veneers Systems

Natural Stone Veneer

Adhered Stone Veneer Systems

Adhered Tile

Adhered Stone Tile